05/15/2018: Latest SacPolo JO information

SAC POLO:  What to know before you go –

The 2018 National Junior Olympics are upon us!  Here is some important information to know before arriving.

  • Prior to the start of each game, all athletes and coaches must show a photo ID.

Acceptable forms of ID (headshot photos must be clear and recent)

  • USA Water Polo Membership Identification Card
  • Permanent; Temporary; OR via smart phone access to membership account
  • School-Issued Identification Card
  • State or Government-Issued Identification Card
  • State-issued Drivers License
  • Passport or copy of passport photo page

Parking: Please read parking regulations signs carefully on all campuses.  Expect parking fees at all of the college locations.

USAWP would like to work with coaches, club directors, athletes, parents, and spectators to establish a positive environment at the 2018 Junior Olympics.  A gentle reminder for all of us:

  • Players Play
  • Coaches Coach
  • Referees Ref
  • Fans Cheer

Please respect your role during the 2018 National Junior Olympics

First team listed wears white caps and starts the game sitting on the bench to the left of the Official Table. Teams shall switch ends at half time.

Breaking Ties:

All games shall be played to a decision…with a definite winner. Should the scores be level at full time in any game, there shall be a shoot out to determine the result.

Shoot-out Procedure

1. There will be an immediate coin toss to determine the shooting order.

2. All shots will be taken at goal to the right of the scorer’s table, unless otherwise determined by the referees.

3. Each team places its 5 players on scorekeeper’s desk side of pool.

4. No declaration of shooting order required.

5. Shots are taken alternately.

6. The desk must record the shooting order on the scoresheet for use if it goes to second round.

7. After the first round it is sudden death.

8. The bench at end opposite shooting end can move to half tank.

Shoot out – team that wins in a shoot out is given one extra goal (+1) for winning the shoot out for purposes of advancement. (e.g. if game is tied at 5-5, team winning the shoot out will have a score of 6-5 for advancement purposes)

For more information go to USA Water Polo website - 2018 Junior Olympics


Bruce Hastie 
Sacramento Water Polo