05/21/2021: Division I & Division II Recruiting

Dear Parents and Athletes,

Effective August 1, 2018 are some changes of which our student-athletes should be aware.  The changes apply to Division I and Division II programs and effect prospective recruits contacting coaches before Sept 1st of their Junior year in addition to guidelines regarding unofficial and official visits.


Unofficial Visits:  An unofficial visit for a prospective student athlete (PSA) may NOT take place until September 1 at the beginning of the PSA's junior year in high school.  No contact with athletic department staff members.  No athletic department arrangement of visit.  No athletics-specific tours.  No complimentary admission to on-campus events.

·      In the past coaches were allowed to have face to face contact with the PSA before September 1st of their Junior year as long as the contact occurred on the coaches campus.  THIS IS NO LONGER ALLOWED.  There cannot be any face to face contact on a coaches campus until after September 1st and off campus contact after July 1st before the PSA's Senior Year.

·      Beginning September 1 of a PSA's junior year coaches may email, text and call a prospect and/or his/her parent/guardian.  Before that date the only communication that can occur is if the PSA called the coach and the coached answered the call.  Coaches cannot return calls.

Official Visits: May be provided starting September 1 of a PSA's junior year in high school.  This is different but keep in the mind the following information:

·      The PSA is only allowed FIVE (5) TOTAL official visits and you can only make ONE (1) official visit per institution.

·      In order for a visit to be Official the PSA must have an NCAA Eligibility Center Number and a copy of his / her transcripts.  Some schools may also require an official test score sheet (PSAT, SAT, or ACT), however, this is no longer required by the NCAA for an official visit.

·      An Official Visit is where the Institution provides any financial assistance for travel, meals, or housing.

I believe it is important to educate our student-athletes on this process.  Violations not only effect the coach/institution but can also effect the PSA.  Encourage your athletes to e-mail coaches, fill out online questionnaires, attend camps, etc.  While the coaches may not be able to reply until Sept 1st, it puts your PSA in the system and gets him / her on the radar.