This is our most elite level program.  This program is open to athletes of all ages:  3rd - 12th grade.  The "Competitive Program" is only offered at the Sierra College practice site.  The year-round program training schedule is as follows:

  • Winter Session:  Late November thru mid-February.  (All athletes.  See the Calendar for specific start date.)
  • Spring Session:  Mid-February thru mid-May.  (All athletes.  See the Calendar for specific start date.)
  • Summer Session:  Mid-May thru the end of July.  (All athletes.  See the Calendar for specific start date.)
  • Fall Session:  Mid-September thru late November.  (8th grade and younger boys and girls.  See the Calendar for specific start date.)


  • This is a college campus with campus police.  Please pay heed to the clearly posted parking regulations.


  • Athletes competing in local tournaments must be registered as a Bronze athlete with USA Water Polo.
  • Athletes competing in regional tournaments (KAP 7, Commerce International) must be registered as a Silver athlete with USA Water Polo.
  • Athletes competing in USA WP National Junior Olympics must be registered as a Gold athlete with USA Water Polo.


  • #1:  Current costs for participating in the Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer Competitive Program vary for the respective sessions.  Click on "Register" and scroll down to the appropriate Competitive session for the current cost.
  • #2:  Athletes must be registered with USA Water Polo as a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Athlete.  Go to the USA Water Polo website and register as an athlete with Sacramento Water Polo, Club #630.  Fee involved.  Registration valid for the calendar year.  This fee is paid directly to USA Water Polo and is not part of Sacramento Water Polo athlete session fees.

How to Pay:

  1. Register for the "Competitive Program" on this website.  (Click on the "Register" link and scroll down to "Competitive Program".
  2. Have your credit card ready.  You are now ready to pay your session fees to Sierra College Community Education.  You will not pay your session fees on the Sacramento Water Polo website.
  3. Go to and click on "Browse Classes".  (b)  Click on "All Classes".  (c)  Scroll down and click on "Aquatics".  (d)  Select the appropriate water polo class.
  4. Want to pay for the program by making payments?  Please contact Nancy McKenzie at
  5. Only mail a check to the address below if you made special arrangements with Sacramento Water Polo or if you have received an invoice for fees due.
  6. Mailing Address:  4521 Valmonte Drive, Sacramento, CA.  95864
  7. Multi-child discount:  First child pays full price.  Second child pays 50% or $100 (whichever is more.)  Third child pays $100.  If children are in Comp Program and Development Program:  Pay full Comp price.

Practice Days / Times:

  1. Click on calendar.
  2. Click on appropriate date / program / practice site.  Includes scrimmages.
  3. Specific practice times and details will appear.

Program Specifics:

  1. All Competitive practices held at Sierra College.
  2. All scrimmages as posted on the Calendar are included with registration.
  3. Cost for participation in USA WP sanctioned tournaments is not included with registration.



This USA WP Signature Event is held in the Stockton / Lodi region and is a warm-up prior to USA WP National Junior Olympics.


  • Coach: Sac Polo Staff
  • Calzada
  • Cortez
  • Elliott
  • Gammelgard (Goalie)
  • Grantham
  • Horne
  • Manley
  • McGrane
  • Ostrom
  • Saenz (injured)
  • Coach: Sac Polo Coach
  • Bussey
  • Ganchenko
  • Hemphill
  • Osiow (Goalie)
  • Parker
  • Restivo
  • Riedel
  • Sanders
  • Stinson
  • Coach: Sac Polo Staff
  • Benedetti
  • Eloff (Goalie)
  • Fedun, I.
  • Fedun, S.
  • Kaplan
  • Madonna-Fregosi
  • Moll
  • Pitzer
  • Schulzkump
  • Sharman
  • Witt
  • Coach: Sac Polo Staff
  • Birdsall
  • Callahan
  • Gardetto (Goalie)
  • Grantham
  • Heller
  • Mayes
  • Miles
  • Miller
  • Vacanti
  • Wells
  • Woodward
  • Coach: Sac Polo Staff
  • Bassa
  • Bishop
  • Borman (Goalie)
  • Crnogorac
  • Evans (Goalie)
  • Frink
  • Harris
  • Holloway
  • McColl
  • McCormick
  • Ragagli
  • Sanders
  • Sepulvado
  • Thomas
  • Turner
  • Yi


Team rosters. All athletes representing Sacramento Water Polo at USA WP National Junior Olympics.


  • Coach: Devon Bisquera
  • Benedetti, Anthony
  • Drew, John
  • Eloff, Troy (Goalie)
  • Fedun, Igor
  • Fedun, Sergei
  • Fregosi Madonna, James
  • Kaplan, Alan
  • Moll, Mitch
  • Pitzer, Cayden
  • Schulzkump, Luke
  • Witt, Jackson
  • Coach: Jake Hastie
  • Bassa, Eneko
  • Bishop, Luke
  • Borman, Jacob (Goalie)
  • Crnogorac, Filip
  • Evans, Dylan (Goalie)
  • Frink, Jon
  • Harris, Will
  • Holloway, Joey
  • McCormick, Jacob
  • Ragagli, Bret
  • Sanders, Coltin
  • Sepulvado, AJ
  • Thomas, Justin
  • Turner, Ian
  • Yi, Jacob
  • Coach: Bruce Hastie
  • Birdsall, Braden
  • Callahan, Grady
  • Clark, Ryan
  • Gardetto, Sawyer (Goalie)
  • Grantham, Drew
  • Heller, Graham
  • Jordan, Connor
  • Mayes, Noah
  • Miles, John
  • Miller, Max
  • Stefanescu, Eduard
  • Vacanti, Nicholas
  • Wells, Greg
  • Wenger, Stuart
  • Woodward, Shane


Team rosters. All athletes representing Sacramento Water Polo at USA WP National Junior Olympics.


  • Coach: Megan Craig
  • Bates, Breauna (Goalie)
  • Calzada, Angeline
  • Chappell, Kathryn
  • Cortez, Selah
  • Elliott, Mya
  • Gaddini, Grace
  • Gammelgard, Emily (Goalie)
  • Grantham, Hope
  • Horne, Sarah
  • Manley, Mikayla
  • McGrane, Gracie
  • Ostrom, Audrey
  • Saenz, Tori
  • Wilcox, Natalie
  • Coach: Devon Bisquera
  • Bussey, Camryn
  • Crouch, Cierra
  • Gammelgard, Emily (Goalie)
  • Ganchenko, Valeriya
  • Hemphill, Julia
  • Jasso, Alex
  • Osiow, Jade (Goalie)
  • Parker, Elizabeth
  • Restivo, Miranda
  • Riedel, Kelly
  • Ruybal, Natalie
  • Sanders, Jamie
  • Stinson, Amanda